TypeCal From Home Workshop with Steven McCarthy


Join TypeCal From Home with an exciting collage workshop with Steven McCarthy.

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Collage is a method of combining disparate visual elements, typically cut and torn paper glued to a substrate. Existing images and texts are then remediated into new meaning and expression through


Often credited to the early and mid-twentieth century artwork of Georges Braque,
Kurt Schwitters, Hannah Höch and John Heartfield, for example, collage methodology has sincebeen embraced across media. Collage-making enables Steven to take elements from the past and re-mix them into speculations on an unknown future. In a way, collage is ‘un’graphic design as it re-
verse-engineers the considered layouts of others. He delights in proposing new meaning and emotion through image and text relationships.

Part of our TypeCal From Home Series in 2022 with a two day workshop with Steven McCarthy.