Flameworking Taster


Mohammed Al Duwaisan
Mohammed working the glass

Continuing the new Glass Program at Yadawi, we have designed a taster workshop experience that will enable you to experience the basics with Mohammed Al Duwaisan who has extensive experience in flameworking and glass blowing.  We hope you will join and experience this incredible medium and unleash your creativity!

Meet your Glassmaking Educator Mohammed Al Duwaisan

With well over five  years of experience in glass production and education in Kuwait, his passion and attention to detail and enabling the learning process to be accessible to students in a lively and illuminating approach makes his classes always an engaging space to learn and create.

What we will be doing?

  • Understanding glass shop safety rules and following them
  • Lighting torches independently

Introduction to flameworking and demonstrating basics

Using borosilicate solid rods students will learn how to create shaped anc basic components:

  • Mareas
  • Shapes
  • Leaves

Lampworking techniques covered will include:

  • Fire polishing
  • Fire cutting
  • rod fusing


What YADAWI will provide*

Our aim is for you to be able to learn and create in a state-of-the-art, world class studio that is comfortable and welcoming. With ample parking and access at Bait Al Othman Museum, you will be using Studio B, Bethlehem Torches, as well as a complete kit of tools and supply of glass and other materials.

In addition, refreshments, our famous home brewed coffee and hospitality will be available.

Dress Code

Wear natural fiber and comfortable clothing, closed toe shoes, long sleeves.  Avoid flowing, dangling jewelry and dishdashas.

Who can join?

We welcome all creatives 16 years and older.